The Good Life, Seattle, June 25

I’m overwhelmed with the positive response I’ve gotten from Farm City so far. My amazing publicist at Penguin has sent out tons of advance copies and so in the last few weeks I’ve been getting emails from editors and bloggers who have gotten copies. I’ve been thinking that the advance readers are kind of like seeds. We’ve strewn them out and hope at least a few of them will sprout up into book reviews or excerpts.

I had a nice surprise last week when an editor at Food and Wine contacted me after reading Farm City. She wanted to talk to me about story ideas I might have. As a free-lance writer for the past two years, I’ve *never* had an editor just call me out of the blue–what a delight! (I was assigned a story, to debut this September).

I’m also pleased to announce that I’ll be reading at the Palace Ballroom in Seattle June 25. There will be snacks, drinks, a conversation with me and Warren Etheredge, and a copy of Farm City–all for only $25. Yippee! Hope to see you there. This site will sell you a ticket.

It’s very flattering and I worry that I might get a Big Head. Luckily, I had lunch with Michael Pollan recently and he told that I should enjoy it now because by August, everyone will have forgotten all about my book.


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