Bookseller lunch report

God, why didn’t I take photos?

Wendy Pearl, the greatest sales rep on planet Earth arranged two great pre-pub events at Ghosttown Farm last week. The idea was to show people who will be selling Farm City that I wasn’t making shit up. That there is indeedy a farm in the ghetto.

Okay, maybe not. I think the idea was to have fun, show booksellers the farm, sign a couple books, and of course, hold some baby goats.

Chris Lee and Samin arrived first, bringing delicious Ghosttown Farm goodies like a frittata with new potatoes and kale, rabbit rillettes (yes, one of the bunnies made the ultimate sacrifice), a salad, and Chris’s specialty salamis and pancetta. Since they are in the pig section of the book, it made sense for them to be there cutting salumi, right? Chris had never been to the farm, so it was fun to show him around.

As we set up, Chris eyed the farm–my outhouse to be specific–“so are these people straight?” he said. Meaning, are they “normal”. I shrugged. Maybe they would be horrified at my rickety found tables, the greywater system, the goat turds on the stairs?

Then they began to trickle in: all manner of freaky book-loving people. Some of them had even read the advance reading copies and said they liked my book. I exhaled. Chris broke out his knives, Samin passed out the food. Booksellers came from all over the Bay Area, and I was mighty flattered. Thanks to Wendy and Lindsay and all the good book sellers!


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