NY Times book review

I almost barfed with happiness the day I read the NYTimes Book Review’s blurb about my book. I’m a fan of the reviewer–writer and editor Dominique Browning–so when she wrote: “FARM CITY: The Education of an Urban Farmer (Penguin, $25.95; available in mid-June), is easily the funniest, weirdest, most perversely provocative gardening book I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down,” I hit my hand on the desk and said, “no way!” My co-worker squealed when I read it aloud.  

Later on in the review, Ms. Browning wasn’t as kind–she intimated that I might be a psychopath–but it’s cool (I mean, maybe she’s right). For me, a first time author, just being reviewed in the nytimes is a great honor and I am humbled and escastic and yes, a little barfy. 

 To read the whole thing, go here.



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4 responses to “NY Times book review

  1. Nice piece, I will check it out at the local library on my way home tonight.

  2. RMD

    Congrats! Don’t sweat the mas macho comment — she’s just squeamish… Can’t wait to get my copy and read about “extreme gardening.”

  3. oliver monday

    i was pleasantly surprised last sunday morning. i’m all “mom, i KNOW THAT LADY! i SKINNED her GOAT”. can’t wait to read it!

  4. Tea

    I squealed too! Yay, congrats! So thrilled for you!

    (yes, that’s three exclamation point in a row, sometimes it’s warranted.)

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