Readings this Week

Hey, just a reminder that if you haven’t seen my little dog and pony show, I’ll be at the following bookstores this week:

Thursday, July 30 at Pegasus on Shattuck in downtown Berkeley. I’m bringing honey and comb, hopefully! 7:30.

Sunday, August 2 at Reader’s Books in Sonoma, 130 E. Napa Street. I heard there’s going to be some yummy foodstuffs! 4pm

Can’t wait to meet you!


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  1. CaliSonja

    Thx for you interview on KQED’s Forum. You reminded me of a neglected passion. When I lived in the city of Seattle I had layer hens and was a part of the Seattle Tilth Organic Gardening club. They had annual tours where people could visit personal chicken coops and gardens. My banty named Autumn got her picture in the Seattle Times . The writter over embellished because she wasn’t the one that laid colored eggs. That was another one of my hens. All I’ve got now is 2 dogs, but I was happier when I had my chickens. I need to figure how to make that work again. I’m an urban farmer at heart and need to hook up with more. Is there a Bay Area urban farming or organic gardening club that you know of?

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