New York Times Top 10!

Holy crap, what a wonderful post-thanksgiving gift, Farm City made the New York Times Favorite Gift Book list:

Dwight Garner, whoever you are, I love you.





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4 responses to “New York Times Top 10!

  1. Ada King

    Just finished reading FC on my Kindle. Loved it. I grew up in Oakland, now live in Alameda, and both me & my husband work for BART, so I know of where she speaks. Now I am motivated to grow something in my backyard, but can’t decide which would be best: bees, rabbits or just vegetables. I’ve had a vegetable garden all my life. Being Chinese, it comes from the culture. Hmmm…what to grow…

  2. antoniomo

    Congratulations, Novella. Very, very cool.

  3. Elena Aguilar

    Congratulations! I just finished your book and it’s one of my favorites that I’ve read this year – am buying it for gifts for many friends and family. I was completely engrossed and inspired (and I’m a vegetarian and not a farmer of any sort, but I do live in Oakland!). Loved this book – such a fantastic surprise. And you should also know that it was my yoga teacher, Baxter, who recommended it (he recommended it to the whole class). Can’t wait for the next book…

  4. Leslie

    Just finished reading Farm City listening along with the audio book. I was very interested in your story- telling about the relationship between animals and putting food on the table. I understand for the first time this relationship between humans and animals and the blessings they bring to the table. I am a part of a community garden but never have farmed animals. I just really like how you explained the relationship with your animals and seeing them through to their end. It’s personal and I felt it too. I liked the diversity in your neighborhood.
    Thank you for such a great story fun, funny and heart-warming.

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