Holy crap–Farm City got nominated for a Northern California Book Award! Woot!!! Filed under food writing. I’m so honored. Cross your fingers.



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8 responses to “Nominated!

  1. Joylynn

    congrats, novella! we miss you and bill.

  2. Deborah

    Congratulations – how exciting!

  3. Antoniomo

    Congratulations! Fingers are crossed…..

  4. Congratulations Novella-it’s well deserved!

  5. Awarded!!! Congrats girl. Hope it brings piles more accolades. The book deserves them.

  6. Anne Vrolyk

    Fantastic!! I love your book and have recommended it to so many people. I am waiting for the next one! Bring them on.

  7. David Trace

    Loved Farm City. My wife and I are making efforts in our small backyard in a little suburb north of Akron, OH. Started with sprouting jars and moved on to square-foot gardening. No livestock yet but looking forward to some chickens once we relocate in two years to warmer climes. Chickens would not be well received in our neighborhood. Looking forward to the next book. Come to Cleveland! Or even Akron! We have a great CSA and beautiful gardens at Stan Hywet Hall.

  8. amy

    You deserve it! I loved your book! Amy in San Ramon.

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