Happy Paperback

It’s an honor to announce that The Penguin Press today released Farm City, the paperback!!!

It’s only $16, which makes it affordable for students and other scrappers (like me) who often can’t afford a hardcover book. I’ve heard that someties they just don’t print the paperback version, and that’s the end of the book. What a relief!

I’m also so happy when nice bloggers are still writing good things about Farm City.




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7 responses to “Happy Paperback

  1. Rose

    Congratulations on the paperback. I just finished reading my copy last night. I wanted to leave you a personal note to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I’m recommending it to everyone.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Thanks for the link! I’m so glad you liked the post. My essay on urban farming, which includes your book and two others, is out in Bookforum right now but only on paper. I’ll post the link to the piece here whenever it goes live. Meanwhile I just learned that we have Dan and Amale in common. Very cool! I’d love to send you a galley of my forthcoming book if you’re interested–it’s out July 8. I so enjoyed Farm City–it’s always amazing when people doing great things are also such talented writers and can share their discoveries with the world.

  3. Hehe am I literally the only comment to your incredible writing?!?

  4. Jude Hamel

    Just finished reading (listening to) Farm City on audio (I drive around a lot for work). It was inspiring, educational, and entertaining all at once. I loved it! Glad to hear that the paperback edition is out…I have a handful of friends who will want to pick it up and I’m going to need it on my shelf, too. I’m a country (NH) gardener – not a farmer at all – just somebody who enjoys growing food for my family without chemical pesticides and the like. Of course, your book is intended for the urban farmer but I found that much of it applied to hobby gardeners who live in the country as well. I’ve never ventured into livestock but I’m planning to get some chickens for eggs in the Spring. Your book came to me at just the right time and as I learned of your experiences raising various types of livestock, I found myself obsessing about my chicken coop and re-commiting to my garden. Once the chickens are in place, I’m going to learn more about beekeeping. I’ve always wanted to keep bees but I’ve never learned how. Thanks for reminding me that it’s never too late to learn how to do something and start doing it! (My kids will thank you too!)

  5. I heard you interviewed on Canadian radio about your book, then read it, too. It continues to inspire me in my own urban farming business (which happens to share the same name, too! Convergence!)

  6. Novella,

    Stumbled upon your paperback book in my favorite Canadian book store and I’m so thankful I did!

    You went on holiday with me to British Columbia (I drank wine) and if you could hear snorts from the North – it was due to you and your hilarious, yet touching book.

    As a former Saskatchewan farm girl (yes – the great pumpkin) – your frank, witty and respectful words stirred up many emotions in me. I’m a city-turned-country girl now (without hens or animals) however I may have to DIVE IN!

    Thank you for your book. You’ve inspired many and even more importantly, I think you’ve started a conversation that stirs people up.

    Keep at it lady!

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