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Book Reviews of Farm City

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KQED Forum

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On Point (with Will Allen)

The Story

It’s Your Call


KUOW (seattle)

KBOO (portland)

KPFA (berkeley)

KCRW (los angeles)



Berkeley Arts and Letters

Photo essays

Time on-line



2 responses to “Reviews and Radio

  1. Tracy

    I am listening to you on KQED, and I love the idea of the chicken class. But I want goats – in the future. You mentioned that you own goats…. Do you ever have a goat class? I would sign up for a future class with you. Please let me know!

  2. Congratulations on your book. I think we met at a meeting/lecture by Randy Oliver, sponsored by the Alameda Beekeepers, two years ago. You sure have been busy.

    We have a bit of an urban farm too. Been raising chickens for eggs for 16 years; added meat birds in the last few years. Just got a plucker that rocks! Got bees and edibles growing here and there.

    Hope to visit your farm in person.

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